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Why I drove 120 miles for ham

When I first made the “pilgrimage” from deepest darkest South Norfolk to over the border into Cambridgeshire to visit The FruitPig Company in Wisbech people thought I was mad.  My wife was talking about men in white coats (even more than normal) and I did feel slightly bad as I have some amazing butchers more locally to me in Harleston.

And then people tasted the meat I had bought back from my three hour epic journey and they felt the magic.

This year when I returned to Wisbech to see the latest FruitPig inventions people understood.  They no longer looked at me like I was mad and, after last year, they wanted to keep me on side no matter how slim the chance was I would share the love!

I like the FruitPig Company for a whole range of reasons.  Matt’s ability to innovate without loosing sight of his unique selling points is just one of those reasons.

I’ve returned from Wisbech today with a grin on my face and almost half a pig in tow.  New products I am going to be trying include; lardo, cheek bacon and cotechino.  I can’t wait.

Photos: lardo, cheek bacon and Matt and Jimmy (from Jimmy’s farm) “hard at work”

As you may know from my previous posts about the FruitPig Company Matt uses Berkshires which provide amazing meat.  As his business has grown he has had to look further afield for good quality pigs to keep up with demand.  However he still manages to source from over the border in Lincolnshire or Norfolk or in Cambridgeshire itself and does not compromise on quality (ever).  The first sausage and bacon that I tasted from Matt was different and I speculated then he would be revolutionising the World of sausages check back soon to read what I think about his latest sausages.

If Christmas get’s a bit stressful my plan is to lock myself in the kitchen with my pork stash from today and a case of Aspall premier cru cyder.  I might be some time.


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  2. Rate My Sausage

    The Cockin is already a Rate My Sausage Legend.

    Amazingly, Fruitpig used some of our cod-French poetry to promote their Toulouse sausage for a while – La Saucisse ici, c’est formidable!

    Don’t tell them, but…..they achieved First AND Second in the Retail Sausage Of The Year According To Rate My Sausage, for 2010. The certificates are in the proof-reading stage. Don’t spoil the surprise.

    We do award scores for various attributes of the sausages we review…we “rate” them. But we don’t publish the scores. Fruitpig, frankly, walked it. With such an amazingly high quality product you’d expect nothing less.

    Don’t tell them though!

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