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Visit to Mountain’s Boston Sausage

To say I was excited about visiting Mountain’s Boston Sausage is an understatement!  Richard Booth from CTH said that if I was searching for the perfect British sausage and if I visited it could be the end of my journey!  How could I turn down a visit with such a recommendation!

On the way I popped into BBC Radio Lincolnshire (listen from about 2 hr 41 min) and had a great chat with Scott Dalton and Carla George on the breakfast show.  We talked about why Lincolnshire sausages are so great and by the time we had finished I was even more keen to get over toMountain’s Boston Sausage to sample the delights for myself!

First I popped into the unit where, overseen by Dan Mountain, the sausages are made to a recipe that hasn’t really changed for more than 100 years.  It was great to see that the sausages were still made by hand the traditional way and then hung up to dry for a day.  The enthusiasm from Dan and his team was obvious.  They are very proud of their history and products and I couldn’t wait to try them.


The smell was amazing!


Luckily for me Dan also had another product made with the same sausage recipe all cooked up ready to try!


I’ve seen haslet in various butcher’s shops but never had the opportunity to try this.  Wow!  What an introduction to haslet and to the Boston Sausage flavours.  Absolutely perfect.  I now had high hopes for the sausages as we headed into town to meet Scott at the shop.


To say the shop is impressive doesn’t do it justice.  It’s traditional but modern and when we arrived it was packed with customers.


All of the meat is as locally sourced as possible while maintaining the quality that they’ve become so well know for.


The range in the shop goes so far beyond sausages and haslet that even having a look around was a feast for the eyes!  Luckily for us Scott, who has been part of the family business for over 20 years had some samples cooked up for us.


We tried four varieties and each one had it’s own merits and tasted absolutely first rate.

The Boston Sausage, which they are famous for, is a coarsely ground combination including pork, bread crumbs and sage.  The balance could not have been more perfect.  The flavour of the pork was balanced out perfectly by the other ingredients.

If you like your sausage to be bold and brassy you will like the Farmhouse.  This is based on the traditional Boston Sausage but with a little more sage and pepper.  Another seriously good sausage!

We also tried a stilton sausage and this was also very impressive.  So often in a stilton sausage I find that one ingredient can mask another but this was not the case here.  Super balance and a creamy morish edge created by the addition of stilon.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better the tomato sausage made an appearance!  This is another one that I think is hard to get right and this is another triumph for Mountain’s Boston Sausage.  You can hear more in the podcast (below) about how the secret to perfecting this sausage.

Four stunning sausages!


I had been excited about visiting Mountain’s Boston Sausage and it certainly lived up to my expectations.  Traditionally made, high quality products, with traditional, locally sourced ingredients where possible.  Meeting the staff and trying the sausages you can easily see why this is a shop which has gone from generation to generation and strength to strength.

Cancel your plans for the weekend, if you haven’t visited Mountain’s Boston Sausage I suggest you do so immediately!

Click here for the podcast!





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