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Visit to Ludlow

I was delighted to visit Ludlow to help judge the Expert’s Choice as part of their Sausage Trail.  The venue and the format are both brilliant.  Visitors to the Food Festival try sausages from the butchers in the town and vote to make a People’s Choice.  Then later a group of experts also sample the sausages to give their opinion.

As always at the Ludlow Food Festival the quality of the sausages was extremely high and judging was difficult.  This year I was joined by Chris Sheen (from Musks) and Henrietta Green (from Food Lovers Britain) as well as my Father in Law who has become an expert after being subjected to many tastings in the Sausage King Household!  The decision was as difficult as it always is in Ludlow and in the end we had to take into account the whole sausage and include the quality of the casings and any shrinking that had taken place during cooking and all four judges decided on A H Griffiths.

Fortunately the Expert’s Choice was the same as the people’s choice so I didn’t have to jump on the motorbike and escape quickly!

While at the Ludlow Food Festival, which is the central point on so many Foodie’s calendarsm I took the opportunity to try and find some perfect British drinks to drink with sausages.  My findings include wine, ale and perry and I will write more about these on in the next few days.

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