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Visit to F. L. Edge

Tuesday the 28th October, 2008

To say Jonathan, who runs F L Edge, is a visionary is an understatement.  In a market where many are struggling their business is booming and is centred around high quality meat and top service.  They sell about 2.5 tons of sausages a week and have 19 different flavours.  As you can imagine I had been looking forward to visiting!

Jonathan has grown up in the business and works with a confidence which shows what a strong handle he has on everything that is going on.  Early on in my visit I get the chance to work with the ladies making the sausages.  I was delighted to get the chance to be involved in the full process from mincing the meat, mixing in the secret blend of spices to stuffing and hanging the sausages.  The ladies clearly enjoy their work and care goes into the sausages.  I must have made 450 or so while I was there and they guided me through the process with care and attention.

The demand for Edge’s sausages is huge both from visitors to the shop and from trade customers.  On Thursday I plan to visit the Norwich Beer Festival and I was delighted to find out, for example, that they supply the Crib with their sausages!

The sausages are still sold from hooks in the shop.  The shop is very much like the ones my Mum and I would visit when I was a child and the sausages were cut from the hooks for each customer.  Edge’s is a very traditional butcher and Jonathan knows everyone who comes into the shop by name.

Expansion has allowed F. L. Edge to cure their own bacon on the premises and I also got the chance to visit Edge’s butchery school.  Watching this space for information on their sausage making courses!

Jonathan is an energetic and modern butcher and he and his father have embraced the changes in the market and moved with them and this has led to the opportunity to expand both in terms of premises but more importantly product range.  They are constantly striving to keep their food miles down (the pigs come from the village for example) and are constantly innovating.  Their new butchery school is already a success and their sausage making course should be a hit with those wanting to experiment at home.

And importantly, their sausages taste great!  You can buy them from their East Harling or Thetford shops or (coming soon) via mail order.

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