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Triumph Thruxton

I was lucky enough to have the chance to borrow a Thruxton for 24 hours. An absolutely incredible bike. Although it has the same engine as the Scrambler the difference in tuning makes a huge difference. The wing mirrors mounted on the handles make visibility excellent and the 865cc engine quietly accelerates.

The bike attracts attention, but not on the same scale as the Union Jack clad Scrambler with the noisy exhausts! People do genuinely think that the bike has been lovingly restored. They are surprised to learn that this retro, classic British bike contains the latest in technology and is, in fact, an “08” plate. The ride is very smooth and the controls reassuringly firm.

I rode the bike in wet and dry conditions and it was excellent in both (even in the hail).   This is another Triumph I would love to own although, at 6 foot 5, I marginally prefer the Scrambler’s riding position.

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