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The very best of bangers

A PAIR of Salford-based butchers have have helped prove Salford makes the best bangers (in the area).

rothers Chris and Geoff Unsworth, who run Andrews Continental Delicacies, in Muslin Street, off Liverpool Street, Salford, used a secret 80-year-old recipe sprinkled with decades of butchers’ know-how to produce the award-winning sausage.

They beat the 300 other entries at the North West Fine Food awards last week.

Chris, 42, who has been working in the trade since he started as a 12-year-old ‘Saturday lad’ said: “We are very traditional with our methods which I guess must be the secret. We only use natural ingredients and the finest quality Cheshire pigs.

“I think by only using the finest ingredients at the beginning you come out with a winning product at the end, but that goes for everything when your cooking.”

And Chris is no stranger to awards, having entered and won nine sausage competitions in the UK plus a string of European awards.

The father-of-four said: “We’re over the moon with the award. “Our frankfurters, kabanos and other sausages and meats have won awards before, locally and in Europe, but the Fine Foods is a special one. “It’s only the last three years we’ve been making English sausages. I dug out my old recipes that I’d had for years.

“I inherited this one from my old boss, it’s at least 80 years old.

“The key to a good sausage is start off with good lean meat, then I add the secret spice, but I can’t tell you the recipe.”

The sausages will now be entered into a grand final against a variety of other products for the producer of the year awards which take place in Blackburn next month.

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