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The Smoking & Curing Book

Another classic from Paul Peacock and Farming Books and Videos

We really enjoyed Paul Peacock’s book on Sausages and were delighted to see he had followed it up with this excellent read on meat in general and, specifically, smoking and curing your own meat.

Paul says it all started for him when he began getting really fresh eggs from his chickens for his breakfast. He realised how bad the bacon on his plate was! He set about making his own to get it up the standard he wanted.

Here is what the publishers say:

This book guides you through getting started, detailing the materials needed, giving step-by-step instructions for making ham, bacon, salt beef and cured fish as well as cheese, poultry and other foodstuffs. It covers hot and cold smoking including building simple smokers with everyday equipment for domestic use as well as more adventurous units for small-scale commercial production. It gives guides on smoking bacon, ribs and other cuts, fish, sausages and cheese. In addition it gives useful tips and advice on selling, slicing and serving as well as recipes for cure mixes and a useful resource section.

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