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The Sizzler – March 2013

Welcome to The Sizzler from

In this issue of The Sizzler, new for March 2013, I have all of your sausage essentials!  Sausage news, reviews, recommendations and our sausage finding directory!

Sausage News

sausagenewsThe World of sausages is always moving forward and coming up with new ideas!  Recently the return of the great Hampshire sausage and pie competition was announced.  I offered my services as a judge but unfortunately they had it covered!

According to recent reports the battle to protect the Lincolnshire sausage could take an additional two years after the latest legal set back.  They weren’t granted Protected Geographical Indication before but are pushing on towards an appeal which should see them finally able to protect the Lincolnshire sausage.

Beccles in Suffolk hosted a battle of the bangers which will hopefully become a yearly event.

Since I last wrote a Sizzler I have also been lucky enough to start presenting my very own radio show.  The show, called The Foodie Fix, is on Community radio station Radio Castle and you can listen live every Thursday from 8-9pm via the Radio Castle website or listen again.  Meat highlights so far include Hall Farm Butchers, The FruitPig Company, Lane Farm, The Artisan Butcher, Marsh Pig and, in advance of Bacon Connoisseurs Week, C&K Meats.

There is lots of news in the World of sausages.  You can read the entire achieve of stories here.

Sausage Reviews

sausagereviewsI can’t tell you how many amazing sausages I have tried lately and I know I have some exciting new ones on the way to me.

Some highlights include an undercover visit to Beccles.  I had been waiting for ages to get the chance to visit.  You can read here what I thought and about the split opinion when I involved the rest of the household in the sampling!

I also got round to writing up the review of the amazing Keevil and Keevil.  I’m definitely going to head down there for a visit soon.

This time last year I was writing about the Sausage Shed’s amazing pork and jalapeño sausages.  Click here to see what I thought.

You can read the entire achieve of sausage reviews here.

Sausage Recommendations

sausagerecommendationsI really like discovering new sausages.  I am particularly interested in meeting the producers behind them, sharing their passion and listening to their views and ideas.

I am touring the country in search of the perfect sausage.  Do you think you know who makes it?  Please let me know so I can visit and try it out for myself.

You can see the places I am planning to visit by clicking here.  If you would like to find out why I am touring the country on this slightly mad search for perfection click here and all will be revealed!

Sausage Directory

sausagemakersI recently moved the sausage directory from the old website to this one.  You can see it by clicking here.

Have I missed your favourite sausage maker?  If I have I would really like to hear from you.

Alternatively have I listed a butcher with the wrong details or have they moved or switched to internet only?  It would be great to hear from you even if just to point out a spelling mistake!

Do you use twitter?  If so why not tweet me with your views and join the debate?  You can find me @sausagekinguk or on Facebook.

Sausage King on YouTube

Some amazing students that I work with made this video of me visiting Bradwell Butchery in Gorleston.  They literally did everything!  All I had to do was to turn up on the smallest motorbike I could find.  They had storyboarded and then filmed and edited a whole pilot of how a Sausage King Adventure TV series could look.


I know the students would love to know your feedback about the film.  Leave a comment below so I can pass on your thoughts.

I’ve tried to make The Sizzler a little bit slicker at going into your inbox so that it works on whatever device you are using.  Please let me know your thoughts on it.  If you like it please tell your friends.  If you don’t like it please tell me!

That’s it for this edition.  Please do keep your recommendations anything sausage related coming in and I do hope you will tune in to join me for The Foodie Fix every Thursday 8-9pm live from Suffolk.  The 18th – 24th March is bacon connoisseurs week, let me know how you will be celebrating.  I’ve got Henry Chevallier Guild of Aspall on the show so we will be talking cyder as well as bacon.


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