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The Sizzler – April 2014

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Welcome to the April 2014 edition of The Sizzler!

I’m Stephen Plume, aka The Sausage King and I’m on a mission to find the best sausages in the UK.

If you think you know who makes them get in touch!

saussquareSo much is happening in the World of sausages and food and it’s been a while since I last sent out an update.

In this edition I’m giving away a copy of The Sausage Book by Nick Sandler & Jonny Acton.  It’s a great book, for details of how to win read on.

Consumption of sausages is down very slightly but the amount we spend is up.  Consumers are making the switch to higher quality sausages!  This is great news for High Street butchers.  I would love to hear about your local sausage makers.  Get in touch and let me know if there are some gems I need to try for myself.


m6I always try and find the best sausage news and put it on the website.  If you hear of a good sausage story let me know.

Some great sausage stories around this month including:

I also recorded a podcast at the Harwich sausage competition which includes a sausage throwing competition (not as bad as it sounds).  Click here to have a read and a listen.


LIPS2I’m always trying to find great sausages.  I’m just finishing off some great reviews including Heck sausages and other sausages from butchers in four different towns.  I’ll get them up on the website asap so you can try them for yourself!

If you know a stand out sausage maker you think I should be talking to and sampling sausages from please let me know.

Sausage Directory

skThe sausage directory has over 1300 recommended  sausage makers listed.  The sausage producers only appear in the directory if they’ve been recommended for inclusion by you the website visitors.

Please tell your friends about the directory and get them to help me fill in the blanks.  Who is missing?  Is there someone on your high street who makes the perfect sausage?


chorizo paellaHave you found an amazing recipe to help you enjoy great British sausages just a bit more?  I always want to hear about your recipes for sausages.

From the classic bangers and mash to Duck and Andouille Sausage Gumbo the British sausage is a truly versatile beast! Breakfast, lunch or dinner or just as a snack anytime!

Let me know how you have yours?  You might like to try:

Don’t forget you can tag me (@sausagekinguk) in your tweets or instagram pictures.  I’m always interested to see your creations.


saussquareThe Sausage Book is an essential read for all sausage lovers!

Nick and Johnny first demonstrate how to make simple sausages and even cure and smoke them yourself. They then show you how to use your sausages whether homemade or shop-bought in over 80 recipes, including Toulouse Sausage and Bean Cassoulet, Toad-in-the-Hole, Berlin Bratwurst Cooked in Beer, Chorizo and Goat’s Cheese Tart and Herby Sausage Dumplings.

To win just add a comment to this message on telling me why the book should be yours.  Best comment by the end of April wins a copy of this great book!

Thanks for reading – keep sizzling!

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  1. Kaz Bridges

    Would love to win this book as we have the fantastic Mountains Boston Sausage in our town and much as I love their gorgeous sausages I would love to experiment with some new recipes.

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