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The Sausage Shed – Somerset

Earlier in the year I promised a review of some sausages from the Sausage Shed in Somerset.

These turned out to be some of the finest sausages I have ever tasted.

We tried Cracked Black PepperPork and Marmalade and Pork with Burrow Hill Cider and Mustard and to say I was impressed is an understatement.

Firstly it’s worth mentioning the packaging. When I eat sausages I am often concerned by the amount of waste packaging I have to throw away. Not so with these fine bangers from the Sausage Shed, the trays these porky treats come in are biodegradable. Every little helps and I was really pleased to see this.

Cracked Black Pepper:

My biggest disappointment with these sausages was that I’d invited some other people over to help me with the sampling and so I had to share them! These were great. I think Ivan has got the balance perfectly getting the pepper to be strong enough but not too strong. Tasty, substantial, meaty treasures.

Moorish is an understatement they got the thumbs up from my crack team of testers whose ages ranged from 2 years old to “60s”.

Pork with Burrow Hill Cider and Mustard:

I suffered a similar problem with these sausages as I did with the ones above. Having to share them was tough. Natural partners cider, pork and mustard was unleashed to great effect in this three way explosion of flavour.

By this point I knew that The Sausage Shed was one of the producers which make searching for perfection worth it. I was starting to get jealous of those near enough to Somerset to go and collect such fine sausages at will but then I noticed that they are also sold UK wide by mail order.

Pork and Marmalade:

Now I knew what to expect I made sure I didn’t have lots of people to share the sampling of the pork and marmalade with! Unfortunately my wife wanted to join me for some.

These lived up to, and surpassed expectations.

I was surprised because I’m not normally a huge fan of sweet and savoury but Ivan has pulled it off again and got the balance spot on. The sweetness of the marmalade is a perfect complement for the pork and a little pepper ensures the taste sensation is complete.

You can see from any of the sausages above why Ivan and The Sausage Shed are winning awards left, right and centre. Regular readers might recall that this year’s Champion of Champions competition was, unusually, won with a pork and marmalade sausage and Ivan’s would have certainly been in the running for the top spot.

You can buy online for around about £9/kg which for this quality is a bargain. Click here to go to the online shop. I hope I get the chance to visit in person in the summer and maybe try out the garlic sausages which also look fabulous!

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