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The FruitPig Company

Sensational pedigree, rare-breed, free-range pork sausages and some of the best bacon I have ever eaten.

The FruitPig Company

Every so often I meet someone who I know is going to change the World of sausages.  Matthew Cockin of the FruitPig Company is one such person.  After 20 years service in the RAF he realised his dream of owning a smallholding, trained in meat processing and started making sausages to a standard which many lifelong butchers can only dream of.

Rare Breed Sausage

As soon as I cut into one of these beauties I could see they were going to be meaty.  They had kept their size while cooking and had a wonderful coarse texture.  Regular readers of my reviews will know I tend to prefer a coarse sausage but I try to keep an open mind.

To say the sausages were succulent and flavoursome is a massive understatement.  An unusual combination of 85% rare breed pork, multiseed and bread as well as other ingredients such as nutmeg really do make for a fantastic sausage.

The dense meaty flavour was perfectly balanced by the other ingredients in the sausage and the multiseed added a whole new flavour dimension.

Rare breed dry cure bacon with juniper and black pepper

I didn’t really know what to expect with juniper and black pepper bacon.  Bacon can sometimes be the security blanket on the full english plate incase the sausage isn’t up to standard.  This is a bacon which worked perfectly with the rare breed sausages but could easily have taken centre stage on it’s own.

The sweetness of the bacon was perfectly balanced by the flavour of the rare breed pork resulting in some of the finest bacon I have ever tasted.

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