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The Beer Club of Britain

If like many of us you’ve been enjoying an alcohol free start to 2007 we’ve found the perfect February tipple

As you hopefully know at we are all about the Sausages, the best of British. We lead the World on the range, innovation and quality of our bangers.

Late last year we set out to find the perfect range of British beers to drink with the perfect British sausages. We wanted a range of beers that would enhance the flavours but not over-take them.

In our search for Great British Beer we quickly discovered The Beer Club of Britain. Rather like the club was started by people frustrated at not being able to get what they wanted, in their case quality British beer.

Choosing a sausage was difficult to try with a range of beers so we went for our old favourite the Original Sausage from Musks of Newmarket, click here for details on where to buy this great British gem.

We tried the following:

Of course the beer you need will vary according to the sausage you are eating.  The recommendation is to buy a mixed case to see what hits the spot with whatever sausages you are particularly keen on

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