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The Bath Pig Chorizo

You have to love a company like The Bath Pig Company. It was invented by two good friends because they wanted to produce a chorizo (and later salami, pepperoni and specialist bacons) using free range British pork. They started off on a kitchen table and now have stockists up and down the country.

A business like this only grows from nothing if the product is worth it and I had been looking forward to trying their chorizo for ages.

The day their package arrived with me I was like a child on christmas day with my (not so) little fingers tearing eagerly at the wrappings to see the joy inside.

I was not disappointed.

There are three varieties and really, to do them justice, you must try all three.  Original sets the scene and shows you just how skilled they are as chorizo makers.  The Garlic and Herb shows you just how they can be creative and still maintain that beautiful balanced flavour.  Then the extra spicy blows your mind!  You might find you just have to try all three varieties on the day you get them like I did!

These guys use Large White pigs and you can read about them here.  The taste is absolutely out of this world.  Even the most spicy chorizo they make (the extra spicy) is wonderfully balanced and morishly porky.

To say I am happy about more and more chorizo being made in the UK is an understatement.  The Bath Pig chorizo really fits in with The Sausage King’s agenda.  It’s a product that supports British Pig Farmers.  It also respects the work of the RSPCA as they insist that all their pork comes from approved farms.  Most importantly it’s a product that is big on taste.

It’s very hard for me to come up with a favourite type of their chorizo to recommend you try.  I really do think you need to try the range to feel the true magic.  Once you’ve tried it, like me you will be looking forward to their other products being developed!

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