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sausage_supermanI just wanted to say thank you for your comment.  This whole website is based on feedback from website users sharing their recommendations for sausage shops, cooking tips and recipes.  It’s great to hear your views about things so thank you for getting involved. has grown over the past 12 years from a website I set up as a joke to a website with over 1300 recommended sausage makers from around the UK.  This is only possible because of your support!

If you like sausages and are passionate about sharing your views on them it would be great if you signed up to my mailing list (I don’t send masses of emails).  I don’t stick to a schedule for publishing articles so the mailing list is a great way of staying up to date.  It would be awesome if you could tell your friends and share The Sausage King page on facebook too!

Thank you again for your comment and for being part of the community!

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