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Thai Chiang Mai sausages from The Fruit Pig Company

As you know Matt Cockin of The Fruit Pig Company is one of the Alchemists of the sausage World.

He has come up with a number of new products which are amazing (see this and this) but in making the Thai Chiang Mai sausage he has truly surpassed himself and gone where no other sausage maker, to my knowledge, has gone.

Words are a poor vehicle to describe these sausages.  Perhaps words that describe my sadness at them all being eaten up would convey better how amazing they are.

Matt told me he had a problem getting the lime flavour to stay during cooking which he solved by using fresh lime leaves and it is these which you taste first along with that rare breed meaty goodness that makes you just want to rejoice and celebrate the fact we have wonderful producers like this in the sausage World.  The lemon grass hits you next and then the red chilli at the back.  The heat of the chilli being the perfect backdrop for one of the most moorish sausages I have ever tasted.

I felt almost like I had been transported to Thailand and back with every bite!

If you’ve never tried his sausages you can imagine Matt being at the top of the top league of sausage makers in the UK.  Then imagine the Thai Chiang Mai recipe being a culmination of all the knowledge Matt has and you will get some idea of just amazing this sausage is.

Available from a number of retailers – get in touch with The Fruit Pig Company to find out more.


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  2. Sausage king Co.,Ltd

    Hi we are the Sausage King Co.,Ltd in Chang Mai Thailand and would like to say the the Chang Mai sausage looks great and full marks to you.Rob.

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