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Taste test reveals high welfare sausages are the peoples’ choice

With barbecue weather on the way, high welfare sausages made from pork reared on Reaseheath College’s grounds are the sizzlers of choice over mass produced bangers.

At the recent Reaseheath College Festival in Nantwich, 5,000 visitors took part in a culinary trial tasting a choice of traditional pork sausages produced by local butchers H.Clewlows and commercially produced standard catering pork sausages.

In a blind taste test of more than 1,600 sausages, 71% of those surveyed preferred the locally produced sausages. H.Clewlows, of Pepper Street, Nantwich, works with the support of the Enterprise Delivery Hub at Reaseheath College.

Charles Clewlow, the third generation of butchers at H.Clewlows which was founded in 1929, said:
“Reaseheath College help us to promote local produce, providing us with prime Cheshire pork which enables us to make award-winning sausages. Pork from Reaseheath College is bred to high welfare standards, reared on straw, which is a lot more natural and less intense than mass produced pork for sausages. The local slaughter house puts less stress on the animal, reducing food miles and improving the taste.”

Jane Casson, Made in Cheshire Co-ordinator for Reaseheath College, added:
“This taste test demonstrates that local, Cheshire produce is identifiably tastier.”

The Landrace white pigs reared at Reaseheath College are taken to slaughter at Haslington, which is nine miles from Reaseheath College. In March, H.Clewlows won 16 gold medals at the British Pig Executive Awards.

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