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South Tyneside butcher Dicksons launch a seaweed sausage

Thanks to the addition of seaweed the pork chipolata-style sausage has 50% less salt.

Dicksons, the family-run business based in South Tyneside, has chosen to launch it now to celebrate British Sausage Week 2014.

The idea came through a partnership with the national Seaweed Health Foundation and its Executive Director, Dr Craig Rose. The foundation advocates the health benefits of seaweed and has researched its value in food manufacturing to naturally extend shelf life, help improve everyday cognitive function and suppress appetite.

Dr Rose says: “Seaweed has been recognised as a positive food ingredient for the future thanks to the quite astounding range of nutritional benefits it offers. Seaweed contains all the vitamin groups and minerals, and can be used as a natural flavour enhancer to replace salt in the food manufacturing process; even a tiny amount of seaweed packs a strong nutritional punch.

“We could all learn a great deal from the Japanese and their love of seaweed as independent research has suggested it can help with weight management, and due to its natural iodine levels, can contribute to normal cognitive function and metabolism.

“It really is a wonder product and we’re excited to be working with Dicksons to advise how seaweed can help enhance their product offering for customers in a forward-thinking and dynamic way.”

The seaweed sausage tastes like a normal Dicksons pork sausage.

Elena Dickson, marketing manager at Dicksons, says: “We’re always looking at ways to improve our product range and establish new flavours and combinations which keep our offering fresh and appealing to our customers.

“The seaweed sausage is the result of 12 months of research and development by our team to find ways to not only reduce the salt level in our everyday pork sausages without compromising on the flavour, but to also experiment with new ingredients which can offer wider nutritional benefits.

“With 50% less salt, the seaweed pork sausage is a great alternative to traditional sausages for children or adults.

“Seaweed is most definitely a food of the future and we are excited to hear the feedback from our customers.”

Full story from The Journal

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