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Somerfield cumberland rings (from the hot counter)

Most supermarkets have a hot counter these days many offering something that resembles a sausage

I popped into Somerfield as I was passing to pick up some sort of green veg to go with dinner and I thought I would take the opportunity to try out their hot sausage.

The only hot sausage on offer was the “cumberland ring” which I must say I wasn’t terribly impressed with. Although the flavour was passable the little tray the sausages came in was swimming in fat and the skins were chewy and slimey and strangely crisp underneath.

The texture once inside was pretty good and the smell was one of a much better sausage. But the final thought after the mouthful was the salt, making the mouth dry out suddenly.

Too much salt and too much fat for my pallette but then what can you expect when the sausage has to sit in a case since it was cooked…we’ll try some other supermarkets for comparison.

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