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Shaken Oak Mustards

Once in a while someone comes along and creates something which is truly excellent and worth shouting about…Shaken Oak have created such a thing

Forget any mustard you’ve tasted in the past, the mustard rule book has been re-written.

We tried six of the mustards on offer and it’s difficult to know which one to start with, we sampled the mustards with Musks original sausages.

My wife’s favourite of the six we sampled was the Old Hookey Beer Mustard which was an amazing combination of popping mustard seeds, a mouthwatering hop flavour (one assumes from the beer) and cruchy yet smooth texture.

It was a tough call for me to decide which I liked the most and in the end it came down to the Mustard with Chillies which made an excellent sausage all the more tasty. There was initially a sweetness about it which was gently replaced by an (initially) subtle spicy flavour which gradually gave over to a strong spicy, sweetish, quality, lovely, mustard flavour. It is difficult to describe the flavour, absolutely out of this world.

We also tried; their Original Mustard which had a classic, warm, rich, home-made flavour. We tried their Hot and Smooth Mustard which was a mustard unrivalled for power but still mouthwateringly spicy. Also Tarragon Mustard, which had a wonderful fresh flavour which was light and distinctive and Arthurs Mustard which was tangy and sweetish with a devilish “after bite”.

But don’t take it from me, try it for yourself. Give Shaken Oak a call on 01993 868043 to find local stockists.

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