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Scottish square sausage fans hit out as English firm ‘invents’ meat treat

SCOTS have been left fuming after an English firm claimed to “invent” a British square sausage – exclusively for sale south of the border.

Squig – short for square pig – is now up for grabs in most Morrisons supermarkets across England, with the packaging even featuring a Union Jack bow tie.

The brains behind the Lorne sausage “impostor” describe the meaty treat as square British sausage and brazenly claim the idea was born just a few years ago in Cheshire.

On the company website, Cottom Foods tell the story of Squig’s invention.

They said: “A few years ago, in a kitchen not so far away…Daniel was cooking breakfast for his daughter.

“As she looked on she asked a simple honest question, as only children can ‘Daddy. Why are sausages round?’

“As Daniel was getting frustrated, chasing them around the pan, he said to his daughter: “I don’t know…but I wish they weren’t!!’

“And thus the idea for SQUIGS was born!”

The company claim they gathered a team of sausage experts to “fix the 4,000 year old issue of hump backed, annoying to cook, sausages”.

But the ‘invention’ has left Scots banging their heads against the wall – as the beloved Lorne sausage fixed this so-called problem years ago.

Writing directly to Squig bosses, one Twitter user said: “I see you have *invented* square sausage.

“Strange seeing as us Scots have been eating them for years. They are called Lorne sausages.

Another added: “They can take oor FREEDOM! but they’ll never take oor square sausage.”

The square sausage outrage comes just months after Scots lost their beloved Irn Bru.

And social media users are not taking it well.

James Miller wrote: “There is nothing British about a Square Sausage.

“If there is one thing I am patriotic over, it is a delicious slice of Lorne Sausage.”

And another branded Cottom Foods “bloody impostors” – adding “thats square sausage is SCOTTISH.”

The Cheshire-based company boast the ingredients of their gluten-free Squig are ground port “mixed with a secret blend of herbs and spices”.

Scottish square sausage is not much different – sometimes featuring beef instead of pork, and also featuring rusk.

But taking the Scots delicacy one step further, the Squig will come in different varieties including Cumberland and caramelised onion.

Full story from The Scottish Sun.

What are your views on the square sausage?

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