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Scots butchers create world’s hottest sausage

A Scots butcher claims to have created the world’s hottest sausage.

The Devil’s Sausage is so hot its creators at Rendalls Quality Butchers in Raploch, near Stirling, must wear gloves and goggles to make them.

The delicacy contains pork, sweet chili, jalapenos and the so-called ghost pepper – Bhut Jolokia – one of the hottest peppers in the world, said to be more than 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Butcher brothers Jason and Garry Rendall – whose previous creations include the best-selling Buckfast pie – said they have already sold hundreds.

Jason, 28, added: “The look on people’s faces is priceless. Big tough guys say ‘I’ll have one, no problem, I love hot food’, but after biting in to their roll and sausage their expression soon changes and they’re reaching for a drink. They can’t handle it.

“When they cool down they go and tell their friends to challenge them. Word has spread so fast we’re struggling to keep up with demand. Everyone says their very, very hot – but they also taste fantastic.

“Obviously I’ve tried them but even I wouldn’t eat a full three sausage roll. I’m racing to the sink for water after a single bite.

“We warn people ‘eat the devil’s sausage at your own risk’. But we also warn our customers not to eat them if a heart condition, and we won’t sell them to young children – at least not without their parents’ permission.”

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