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Sausage making at home has suddenly become very simple…

I am not much of a “domestic god” when it comes to cooking. Sure I can knock up a meal or two if called to do so but my wife looks after most things in the kitchen department and there is good reason for that! So it was with more than a little intrepidation that unwrapped the sausage making kit to begin the journey to homemade sausages.

I found a new confidence when I set everything out from the kit on the worktop. The kit contains two different spice blends, I had some extra blends but found myself spoilt for choice. I had picked up 4lb of meat from my butcher and as per recommendations gone for 20% or so fat.

The kit itself was easy to assemble and I found myself dicing up the pork and feeding it into the mincer like a professional. Several handle revolutions later I found myself with a bowl of 4lb or so of mince.

My intention originally had been to make a few sausages of each type that I had the spice blend for but as I progressed I could tell that making sausages was going to become a regular thing for me and so I thought I would make a whole batch of one sort.

I plumped for the mexican spices and added the appropriate amount of that and the bread crumbs to my mince (bread crumbs are a great filler and expand as the meat contracts when it’s cooked).

The mincer that comes in the kit actually doubles as a sausage stuffer too! You remove the blade, add a spacer and a plastic tube, roll on the skins and off you go.

Franco at had sent enough skins for what seemed like several million sausages, I cut a metre length and tied a strong knot in one end and fed the other end onto the plastic tube.

Things had gone so well so far this was where I was expecting it all to go terribly wrong. In the past on a memorable trip to Musks I had watch the professionals twist and coil sausages with ease but I decided I would make one long sausage and create the links later when the other end was safely tied.

Perhaps I was too nervous about the whole sausage making thing but any fears I had were foundless, the kit had everything, the instructions written in plain English, my sausages were flying out of the machine.

But of course, the proof of the pudding (or sausage) is in the eating. Tasters included my wife, my father-in-law, Tom the sausage loving Architect and myself. We were all very very impressed with the results. The sausage was hot and spicy but not to the point of bringing a tear to the eye. The sausages cooked well and one of the greatest things is we know exactly what went into them. don’t just sell sausage making kits, they also offer advice and have forums for sausage discussion. Try making your own, you will be surpised how easy it is and how tasty the result is.

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