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Sausage survives un’armed

A 6FT HOTDOG is celebrating after surviving this year’s Jools Holland concert in Alnwick Pastures.

Last year the glass-fibre character lost its left arm and its bottle of red sauce after being rugby-tackled during the Magic of the Eighties event.

Luckily police managed to ketchup with the culprit who manhandled the meat-treat statue and he was charged with criminal damage totalling more than £400.

The figure, which belongs to the Hollywood Diner burger van, was replaced with a new model.

The story captured the heart of sausage lovers all over the world.

A record number of people – more than 11,000 – read the story on our website after we broke the tale last year.

But thankfully the hotdog managed to come away from Jools’ music extravaganza unscathed.

Relieved owner Sean Dodds said that nobody tried to repeat last year’s antics.

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