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Sausage squares beat Olympic ban

A butcher banned from displaying his Olympic sausage ring sign has created a new sign for his shop.

The original sign, dated 2012 and featuring the Olympic rings made from sausages, has been replaced by the date 2013 and five linked sausage squares.

Dennis Spurr was told to remove his vinyl sign outside the Fantastic Sausage Factory in Weymouth, Dorset, by Olympic officials.

They said it breached copyright laws because he had not sponsored the games.

Mr Spurr removed the sign before a deadline on Tuesday and today replaced it with his new take on the famous rings.

He said: “I changed the date to 2013 because by the time this country gets themselves organised it will be 2013.

“It was never to promote my business. It was to celebrate the fact that we won the right to host the Olympic sailing events.

The Olympic sailing events will be held in Weymouth and Portland in 2012.

Wide support

“I was just trying to enter into the spirit of things and it all got out of hand.

“I’m still a bit dumb-struck by all the attention it has attracted.”

The shop on St Mary’s Street is just a short walk from the shore where thousands of spectators will gather in five years’ time to watch the events in Weymouth Bay.

Mr Spurr said his customers wanted to start a petition and he has had support from people around the country urging him to keep the sign.

He added: “Now I have changed the sign I hope it will all blow over.”

Full story from the BBC

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