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Sausage Shed pork and jalapeño!

Sausages are the perfect part of any meal and come in all shapes and sizes.

The Sausage Shed make sausages that are big and bold but perfectly balanced.  Each sausage, wrapped in a beautiful natural casing normally weighs in at around 100g.  I had been saving the pork and jalapeño sausages for the right time and this morning that time arrived!

Having previously sampled the pork, stilton and cider and found them to be awesomely creamy and flavoursome I knew the pork and jalapeño pepper sausage was going to be excellent.

The Sausage Shed sausages are all made using the finest cuts of meat from Gloucester Old Spot and Large White pigs reared locally to them in Somerset.  The pigs range free outdoor in the Summer with barn shelter in the Winter, ensuring that the animals are happy and healthy.

They butcher and make their sausages in ultra modern facilities, and they work with local farmers to pay a fair price which ensures constant quality and traceability. Wherever possible they use local flavours and ingredients to enhance the taste experience.

It’s always so exciting to try sausages from someone who is innovating and trying out different things.

So the moment had arrived and I really fancied something with a bit of a kick for breakfast!

The guys at The Sausage Shed have done an incredible job with this sausage.

It could have started an uncomfortable breakfast fire but they’ve somehow managed to balance the heat of the jalapeño with the pork so that you can taste all the flavours.

I was surprised how well this worked at breakfast.  It could have all been too much.  Even the 4 year old “Sausage Prince” was impressed with what he tried.  You definitely get the heat but it just works.

Next time I’m thinking of having these with fluffy scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla.

How do you eat yours?

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