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Sausage maker creates special banger for Croydon X Factor star Ben Haenow

‘Haenow Get a Load Of These’ are a tasty blend of chilli, honey and coriander pork sausages cooked up by Ron Etheridge, owner of Villagers Fine Sausages and loyal supporter of the Shirley van driver.

“He’s my kind of act,” said Ron, who next year celebrates his 20th anniversary at the Beckenham shop. “If he was to do a gig around here, he is someone I would definitely like to see.”

Ron, who plays drums in his spare time, said he enjoys the rocky edge to the 29-year-old’s voice.

He said: “Last week he was able to carry off AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and I thought he did it really well.”

The 47-year-old, who trained as a chef before getting into butchery and then launching his own family business in 1995, said he wanted to support the local lad and devised a special sausage which he hopes will ‘meat’ his approval.

He explained: “Ben is an exciting performer and I wanted to reflect that in the flavours, so I have the honey, for the ballads, chilli for the rock and then coriander which brings the two different styles together. The sausages have the X Factor, without a doubt.”

It’s not the first time the meat maker has backed local TV stars. Back in 2002 he invented a special sausage for Kate Lawler, a Thai boxer from Beckenham who went on to win reality show Big Brother 3.

So maybe Ron’s special sausages are a winning formula?

The father-of-two, who lives with his wife Jackie, daughters Grace, seven, and Beth, nine, in Bromley, said: “I’m backing Ben all the way. In fact if he came in here, we would roll out the red carpet, not literally, but as best we could, and say ‘come and try these bangers on us’.”

Ben said: “It’s amazing to have a sausage named after me – I am honoured! No breakfast is complete without a sausage. In fact, no meal is complete without a sausage!

“It would be amazing to try a Haenow sausage and I would definitely like Simon to have a try! Maybe next time I’m round his place for breakfast?”

Full story from the Croydon Advertiser

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