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You can follow my visits using the interactive map linked below.  If you have any suggestions of places I should visit please leave a comment below.

Click on the map to go to the interactive version.


These symbols mean I’ve visited these great sausage makers / farm shops or associated businesses.  In time I will link the write ups to the notes that will pop up when you click on the symbols.

The same symbols in red mean I’m due to visit them soon.  As soon as I have visited them I will write up the visits and link from the notes that will pop up when you click on the symbols.

This symbol means that a website visitor and fellow sausage aficionado has recommended a great producer which I will be checking out as soon as possible!


Please leave a comment below with your suggestions.  Thank you.





  1. G. Powter

    When you were in Newmarket why did you not see THE NEWMARKET sausage “POWTER’s” we think thay are the best.

  2. Jamie Archer

    You must visit or at least try Archers Butchers of Norwich, Battle of the bangers competition winners 2006 + 2007. Voted best sausage in Norfolk according to the public.

  3. Barry

    Next time you are in Lincolnshire, there are three very famous sausage makers:

    1. Bycrofts in Boston

    2. Watsons in Freiston (Village near Boston)

    3. Phipps at Revesby

    All of these establishments have fans visit them from afar. Phipps even sends produce to Buckingham Palace.

  4. Lin Murray

    Really love De-lish produce. Have just served Jules’ Merguez sausage to 280 people at a pop up restaurant we organised and the guests loved it. He is a real artisan and his food is inspired and real!! Will be coming to see you at the shop on Thursday 18th!

  5. Weaver.G

    I am a man that loves a good sausage. But a few months back i lost my faith in the great british banger: i spiralled into a whirlpool of depression and self-hatred. I tried to redeem my life by trading a draw for 500 cumberland sausages, alas little did i know it contained apricot.

    sincerely, WEAVERRR

  6. David Bondy

    When Musks of Newmarket took over Whites of Braughing (makers of the award-winning Braughing sausage) the manager left and armed with the secret recipe bequeathed to him by old man White, he set up his own sausage making business under the imaginatively named Hertford Porker Sausage Company.

    The pork is all free-range and they are absolutely delicious having won the people’s award at Hertford Farmers’ Market.

    Available in person only or at various farmers’ markets. I hope they start to do mail-order soon!

    Absolutely the best bangers that I have ever had!

  7. Rob

    Please come try our sausages a Traditional Essex Sausage & Pork Bacon and Apricot served in freshly abked baguettes, we also serve top quality burgers too!
    The van is located in The Woodbine Pub car park A121 nr Junction 26 M25. Postcode for sat nav EN9 3QT

  8. jennie roach

    Youve got to pay a visit to the farmhouse deli in gloucester. These guys have just won best sausage in gloucestershire on the This is gloucestershire website, there stand out sausage the spot with old spot pork,double gloucester cheese & spring onion does it for me & also the pork and scotch black pudding.

  9. Sarah Garth

    Moss Valley Fine Meats is located in the heart of the Moss Valley and on the outskirts of its nearest town, Sheffield. The Butchery is on-farm and only carefully selected breeds of pigs pass through it. You must try their award winning sausages when next in this area Sausage King!

    Moss Valley Fine Meats
    Povey Farm,
    Lightwood Lane
    S8 8BG

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