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Sausage King Adventures

What, Where & Why?

What on earth is this all about?

I am the UK’s leading sausage expert and touring the country on a motorbike visiting butchers and sausage makers.  The visits I’ve done so far have had a huge impact and hopefully helped to encourage people back to buying local.  Eventually I plan to visit all of the butchers on my website.


The sausage makers are the finest from around the country as recommended for inclusion on by readers of the website.  So far I’ve been to destinations including Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Cheshire.


After running (now for several years I picked up the nickname of Sausage King from the press.  I was delighted when the nickname stuck!  Inspired by The Long Way Down I started The Sausage King Adventures which is a motorbike powered tour of the UK’s finest sausage makers.  The tour has two broad purposes:

  1. Promote British pork – unfortunately lax labelling laws in the UK mean that it is possible for consumers to be hoodwinked into buying inferior imported pork from countries where welfare standards are much lower.  By touring the finest sausage makers I have been drawing people’s attention to this and encouraging them to buy local
  2. Raise the profile of high quality sausage makers – we have nearly 500 sorts of sausages in the UK and if you take into account the way butchers make these varieties you can eat a different sausage every day for 10 years just in the UK!  I want to help spread the word about the finest butchers and sausage makers and encourage more customers to support them.

If you have a favourite butcher or sausage maker who you think I should visit please get in touch and let me know.


  1. Diane

    My daughter heard your story from me, and said you MUST visit her employers. They breed gloucester old spot traditionally, they are very dedicated to making a tasty banger. Their sausages are the best, for my taste buds anyway!!
    The farm number is 01526 351739, and they are James and Lucy Barclay. She is in a wheelchair, and is a very determined lady.
    Abbey Farm, Stixwold, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. My daughter won’t be there, she will be on her market stall selling meat and sausages, enjoy Lincolnshire on Thursday, Diane

  2. Clive

    Hi there,
    Heard about your trip on Anglia TV. If you visit Hertfordshire, do try sausages from Allingham’s in Hitchin, they have a heady topnote of what i believe is mace. Braughing sausages are also a delicious treat. I always gets Musks from my local supermarket. I don’t know about you, but i find some of the “novelty” (e.g. venison and blueberry etc. etc.) sausages quite repugnant. I am a generalist sausage fan and adore traditional European sausages too. Good luck!! Keep us all informed where we can find the very best premier bangers!

  3. Stephen Thompson

    If you come to Sheffield, call in and try some of our sausages !!
    Have you seen the work being done by the NPA on spreading the buy british and stop the uk pig industry from going under campain. we are going to host one of the banners along side the A6102 at Sheffield !!



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  5. Banger fusion

    HI Sausage fans,
    after leaving the buchery profession i am now concentrating on the world of sausage ,I have shelled out all my savings on a catering unit and am going to teach my part of the world about catering trailer will be parked on the A59 at penwortham near preston in lancashire.the starting speciality sausage will be local pork with leek and chilli, served on a barm or served with mash and homemade honey and mustard gravy, now if the speciality sausage is to fancy as my dad says! try the cumberland,or the traditional pork.

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