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Sausage King Adventures

Regular readers will know that when I am not touring the Country in search of the perfect sausage I am a Maths teacher.

Recently I did some work with a very talented group of students, who despite “only” being 14/15 years old, have pooled their talents and formed their own Production company called Face Melting Productions.  The skill of these guys is unbelievable.  They scripted, story-boarded, filmed and edited the entire film themselves!

The idea was to create a short film which captured the excitement of a “Sausage King Adventure” from the journey to sampling the sausages!  They have tried to show the warmth of the people I meet on my travels and the dedication of British sausage makers.  For comedy purposes we chose the CG125 which is a small bike for a large Sausage King!

I know the students would love to know what you think so please leave a comment on the video on this blog post if you have the opportunity.


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