Wallers of Ledbury

Name: Wallers of Ledbury
Location: Ledbury
Phone Number: 01531 632739
Address: 71 The Homend, Ledbury, Herefordshire, NR8 1BP

3 Responses so far.

  1. stephen Huckerby says:

    I have to say Wallers sausages are the best I’ve ever had! I can’t recommend them enough

  2. Lucinda Dunne says:

    We will only buy our sausages from Wallers. They have great varieties, and the quality is top notch. The care they put into making them, and the prime meat they use, are evident from the first bite.

  3. Richard Parker says:

    Wallers Sausages are the best I have come across in 20 years of trying (and believe me , I’ve tried) ….. I say this as a fan of not only the variety and quality of the product but also the knowledge of how and where the meat is produced and turned into “Probably the Best Sausages in the World”