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East London Sausage Company

Name: East London Sausage Company
Phone Number: 020 8520 4060
Street address : 57 Orford Road , London, London, E17 9NJ
Town: London


  1. Kate

    Bought some chicken, lemon and coriander sausages, some venison and port and beef with horseradish and mustard.

    Not normally a sausage fan at all, but these were absolutely amazing, the difference in taste to pre-packed is unbelievable, and definately at a very reasonable price.

    Will be going back to try the lamb with mint and the duck with orange, aswell as some more of the chicken ones.

  2. Tony

    Hi there we have a mate of ours that you supply too and we have just added sausage to our menu just wanted to get a list of sausages that you do and a price list please.

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