Farnsworth’s Fresh Foods

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Cumberland House, The Sidings Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9SE

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  1. Rachael Taylor says:

    hi there,

    i was wondering if i could purchase sausages in bulk. i used to get them when i had my horse on a farm in blackburn and the farmer used to pick them up for us and my neighbours used to by them too. however i do not have my horse there any more but people keep asking if i can still get the sausages. i would be buying about 10 bags a fornight and am happy to collect. i live in mill hill in Blackburn and i know you do supply to one of the sandwich shops there.

    Regards Rachael

    • sue farnsworth says:

      Dear Rachael

      we are open from 4am to approx 1.30 and yes you can collect a 2.5kg bag of pork is £10 and we also do other flavours so please ask for list when you call
      kind regards sue

  2. David & Janet says:

    Hi Nic,
    We loved the sausages you gave us as samples even the kids too.
    Could you please send us a price list .

    Many thanks

    David & Janet.

  3. Fiona says:


    Please would you be able to email me a copy of the list of flavours and a price list. Also, is it ok to call in person anytime between 4am – 13:30? Which days are you open?

    Thanking you


  4. Rachael says:

    could you please tell me if you are open at weekends xx

  5. Chris says:

    Please can you forward me a price list of flavours available

  6. Vicky says:

    I get my sausages from Benedicts please can you tell me what calories are in your pork sausage please

  7. laura robinson says:

    Could you please email me a list of what you sell so I know just how much money I need to bring and so that it saves me asking the gentlemen when busy for things that you dont do.I am hoping to come through tomorrow morning for the normal stuff you do eg chicken and sausages but would like to know what else you do please

    • sue farnsworth says:

      dear laura could you please reply with your email address then i can forward you a product /price list kind regards sue

  8. jason says:

    hi please can you give me some prices for bacon and sausages
    i own a butty shop and would like to purchase off you thanks
    sizzlers sandwich bar blackburn

  9. Angela Beckton says:

    Hi, we used to buy your sausages when we lived in Lancashire, we now live in Lincolnshire can we order from you by post

  10. Lindsay says:


    We used to get les’s pork sausages from the Spar at Whalley, and I remember you acquired the recipe for his sausages that we absolutely adore, our family got them for us and got us a bulk bag that we froze as they keep very well, we moved to Yorkshire and they fetched them over for us, but we have moved down south and are wondering if you do deliver and could do next day as we are looking to buy a 2.5 kg bag of probably the best tasting pork sausages around. Would be fantastic if it was possible as I’m sure a few of our new southern friends could get the taste for the best Lancashire pork sausages.

    Kind regards

    Lindsay Charlson

  11. Laura says:


    Its the ashwood hotel here. We are producing an up to date allergens list for our customers. Please can you email us the list of ingrédients in your sausage please.

    Many Thanks