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Sausage competition set to go with a bang

STAVELEY-based Lakes Speciality Foods is bidding to produce the best regional banger as part of National British Sausage Week which kicks off on November 3.

Lakeland Peaks Sausage will be a 90 per cent meaty content Cumberland sausage using only locally sourced pork and the finest ‘secret’ spices, while the Kentmere Valley Supreme Sausage will contain succulent oven-roasted tomatoes combined with 90 per cent Cumbrian pork and another tantalising spice combo.

This year’s hunt for Britain’s ‘Landmark Bangers’ will see the British Sausage Appreciation Society crown nine regional winners.

More than a dozen local butchers from the North West have entered their speciality regional sausages in a bid to be named the North West’s King of the Sizzle. Results will be announced during British Sausage Week when The BSAS will be travelling up and down the country with legendary cricket umpire and national treasure Dickie Bird. Winning butchers will be placed on the first official British Sausage Week Map and receive a much sought after Banger Award.

British Sausage Week celebrates the taste, quality and diversity of the sausage, of which there are some 400 individually named varieties in Britain alone.

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