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Rothbury Family Butchers

Every once in a while a butcher comes up with something a bit special which takes sausage enjoyment one step further. Rothbury Family Butchers have done just that with their sausage starter pack.

Because of the early arrival of “The Sausage Prince” (Henry) the most excellent sausage starter pack has had to (frustratingly) sit in our freezer.

Tonight was the night!

Pictured: Simonside Sizzler and Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion sausages from Rothbury Family Butchers.
Please note the sausages on the right are photographed on a smaller plate and are the same size (approximately) as those on the left.

Simonside Sizzler
If you like it hot then this is the perfect sausage. Infact, it is the best (really) spicy sausage I have ever tasted. Garlic, chilli and coriander is a winning combination for anyone who likes it hot and Rothbury Family Butchers have blended this to perfection. This sausage does not leave you running for the cold water tap! It is hot enough, with an all round good level of spice, but you will want another one!

Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion
I must confess that this combination did not immediately appeal to me. In the past we have tried sausages laced heavily with ginger with far too much spring onion. This, however, was a pleasant surprise! They have got the balance just right with this sausage with subtle but defined flavours of ginger and spring onion. This is a classy sausage which works well in a main meal. are delighted to have discovered Rothbury Family Butchers. This is a family run business helping to further evolve the flavours of British sausages who also price their products honestly. You can buy a sausage starter pack for £18.50 (plus p&p) which contains the two varieties sampled above and four others. Click here to buy. readers also get a 10% discount, just enter “Fans10” in the ordering screen.

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