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Ribble Valley Free Range Meat Company

First review of Ribble Valley Free Range Meat Company sausages including Bowland Beer and Mustard

Ribble Valley Free Range Meat Company

The Ribble Valley free range meat company was recently formed by the Beary family who have years of experience farming livestock.  They are committed to providing the finest quality, traditional meat from their pedigree herd of rare-breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs.  They hit the news recently as they diversified into beer sausages and we couldn’t wait to try them!

Bowland Beer and Mustard

It is always refreshing to hear about someone who is innovating their products.  Jim Beary is one of these people.  He, like much of the UK pig industry, is having to deal with massive increases in the price of barley and wheat due to World shortages.  He has teamed up with The Bowland Brewery to make the Bowland Beer and Mustard sausage.

As you may know my wife helps me out with tastings and today we were joined by my 10 year old nephew (William) who is something of an expert on sausages!  My wife’s initial reaction to this sausage was “Wow” and my nephew’s reaction was “wow they taste like beer” he also commented on the nice skin.

The sausage has a great balance between the flavoursome pork, the beer and mustard the three key ingredients seem to bring out the best in each other.  The meat was nice and coarsely ground and this added extra bite to the sausage.  Other comments from tasters included how they would be happy to be served such a sausage in a restaurant.

Caramelised Onion and Black Pepper

This is a truly brilliant combination.

The caramelised onion adds a certain stickiness to the sausages and then there is the peppery kick which completes the well rounded flavour.  The sausages are well packed in natural casings and have a great texture.  We fried ours really slowly and they glazed themselves in the frying pan.  Fantastic!

Keep your eye on the website for some more reviews on sausages from Ribble Valley Free Range Meat Company!

Where to buy


Around £3.50 for 0.325kg

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