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Ribble Valley farmer seals deal for beer bangers

A PIG farmer is combating the soaring price of feed by striking up a unique partnership with a local brewery.

Ribchester-based Jim Beary, owner of family run Ribble Valley Meats, has teamed up with The Bowland Brewery, Bashall Eaves, near Clitheroe, to create the Bowland Beer Banger.

British farmers have been placed under increasing pressure due to the world food shortage, which has pushed up the price of animal feed and slashed profit margins in the process Jim’s Gloucester Old Spot pigs are now having by-products from the brewery’s Hen Harrier ale mixed with their feed and, as pork tastes of what the pig eats, the sausages are being given a beery flavour.

Jim said: “The increases in feed have been astronomical and as a business it has been hard to take. But just like any other business, you have to be innovative and think of new ways of getting out of the rut and increasing sales. These beer bangers are our way of doing that.

“So far the bangers have been received extremely well and we are already working on a couple of new recipes using some of Bowland’s other brews. By creating these unusual sausages which really show off the qualities of my Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs and The Bowland Brewery, we hope to capture consumer’s imaginations and get them supporting local produce.”

As both pig farmers and brewers feel the affect of the increased price of wheat and barley, Jim struck a deal with Richard Baker, owner of The Bowland Brewery, in a bid to help out both businesses.

The startling fact is that many pig farmers lose on average around £27 per pig because of the crippling feed costs.

First established in 2003, The Bowland Brewery’s range of beers have won numerous awards at beer festivals around the country.

Mr Baker added: “I am a firm believer in supporting the local community and local businesses and it has been a real pleasure to help create these spectacular sausages. The sausage is a combination of our best and Jim’s best and we expect it to be a real hit.

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