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Sausage News

I like to hear, and pass on, all the latest news in the sausage world.

Here are the 50 most recent sausage news stories:

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If there is some news you would like to share with me please get in touch.


  1. Mark Smith


    I have recently entered a competition to design a sandwich for the Co-Op. The food panel at the Co-Op liked it so much they shortlisted it for a public vote. Why am I telling you this you ask.

    The reason is that I am a lover of sausages and my sandwich contains the one and only (and my favourite) Cumberland Sauasage. To help this sandwich win the vote and get it sold in stores nationwide please see . click “Vote Now” and select my sandwich. I would love everyone to vote for it and celebrate their love of Great British food.

    Thank You.

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