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Cooking tips

There are a number of ways you can cook great sausages to perfection including:


Place sausage on a prepared grill with rack about 8 inches (20cm) from the heat source. Grill, turning frequently with tongs (a fork will pierce the sausage casing), until thoroughly cooked, 10 to 15 minutes.


I like to fry our sausages really slowly, with a cast iron diffusor if you have one, really low heat, little drop of good olive oil and turn them occasionally until they are slowly cooked to perfection.


I like to turn the sausages frequently on the BBQ to avoid the skins getting cooked too quickly before the insides are cooked to perfection.  If I am going to cook sausages on the BBQ I often leave them until the end so the coals have had time to mellow a bit and then I can cook the sausages long and slowly.

Oven baking

Bake slowly according to instructions


This is a new one on me but I am going to give it a try as soon as possible.

Boiling / Poaching

Heat a heavy skillet over medium heat. Place sausage in skillet, add water or beer to cover, and cook until sausage is gray, about 10 to 15 minutes. After parboiling, sausage may be fried until brown.


Bring a pan of water to a boil. Add precooked sausages. Cover, remove from heat, and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Vigorous boiling may cause sausages to split.

As a nation we seem to much prefer to grill, fry or BBQ. In this section, over time, I am going to develop some tips and pointers to get the best from whatever method you choose.

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