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Renault Twizy

Regular readers will know that I’ve had a slight difficulty using a bike such as the Triumph Scrambler for my Sausage King Adventures.  Beautiful though the bike is I do worry about the carbon footprint of any journeys I make.  I went back to using the Honda CG125 because this offered up to twice the MPG of the other bike.  But it certainly lacks the appeal of a British classic like the Triumph.

I’ve gone one step further and started building up my distances on my pushbike so I can take the carbon footprint down another notch.  I am planning a visit to De-Lish in Wells-Next-The-Sea which will be entirely done on my pushbike.  It’s over 100 miles round trip so not an entirely practical solution for all the visits I want to make.

Could a Renault Twizy be the answer?  Developed by our neighbours in France the Twizy is a two seater, fun electric vehicle capable of 47mph.  It does about 60 miles between charges, up to 70 miles at a pinch.  I could easily find a sausage maker every 60 miles and I’m sure if I asked nicely they might let me plug in!

The Autocar people have done this review:

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  1. Patrick

    Great video. I got to drive the twizy at COP17. I would buy one today if they’d change two things. Firstly I want to buy the battery not lease it, and secondly I want full doors! It’s cold in winter! Apart from that I love it. Great fun and practical enough.

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