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Provender Delicatessen Wild Boar Sausages

I had been looking to try out Wild Boar sausages for a while when I was given the chance by Provender Delicatessen ) and I was suitably impressed.

I had no idea what to expect but with Provender’s reputation expected something of excellent quality. The service was brilliant, the order was placed on Wednesday (we agreed on Thursday dispatch). Thursday came and so did an email from Roger telling me that my sausages had been dispatched for delivery on Friday. This was starting to look like the internet shopping experience I had always wanted! Friday came and my sausages arrived exactly as promised! They were well packaged with bubble wrap and ice pouches and still really cold.

The day dragged into the afternoon and that dragged on to dinnertime, but when it finally arrived we started cooking, we had opted for a light dish of sausages and Mediterranean roast vegetables. That meant we stuck the sausages in a reasonably hot oven 180-200oC and left them in there with the veg for three-quarters of an hour. By the time the cooking was done I was really (really) ready for my Wild Boar experience. In my experience one of the tell tale signs of a great sausage is the skin and these skins were good, naturally we didn’t prick them, but unlike some supermarket sausages I have been fed they didn’t burst, just curved round neatly.

These sausages were in a class of their own, their succulent, unique, full flavour miles ahead of the rest and their natural skins enhancing the flavour further. Wild Boar with subtle herbs. When I had ordered wild boar and herb I had been worried they might be too herby but I had no grounds to fear any such thing. The herbs were there, tasty and there, but not over-poweringly so. And these sausages were meaty, they had a certain coarseness about them which just yelled out that they were made with care and were meant to be enjoyed.

If you would like to experience these consistently good sausages please go to where you can place an order. I found Provender to be extremely accommodating when it came to delivering my order, they have a wealth of experience which puts other internet purchasing systems to shame.

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