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Protecting Lincolnshire sausages ‘could take two years’

The latest bid to protect genuine Lincolnshire sausages from cheap imitations could take two years, campaigners have revealed.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association (LSA), which represents butchers in the county, is applying to market the delicacy under the Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage title.

If the Government agrees, the branding would guarantee proper Lincolnshire sausages could only be made in Lincolnshire to a set recipe.

The LSA had been trying to obtain Protective Geographical Indication (PGI) – a status enjoyed by Melton Mowbray pies – for the famous sausage since October 2005. But the bid and subsequent appeal were rejected last year after Defra said the sausage did not have an “enduring link” with the county.

Butchers have now agreed to press ahead with a fresh fight for recognition.

LSA chairman Janet Godfrey said: “We could have stopped where we were, go for judicial review of the PGI decision, or apply for Traditional Speciality Guarantee, but that just protects the recipe. So we have decided to apply for Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage, which is the same application but with ‘traditional’ in front of it.

“We feel it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

“It means we need to do a huge publicity campaign so that the public realises the difference between a traditional Lincolnshire sausage and a Lincolnshire sausage.

“We have started the process of putting the application in to Defra.

“It will have to go for a UK-wide consultation and if passed it will then go for Europe-wide consultation and “the process could take another two years.”

Defra spokesman Sophie Willett said: “Defra has had regular conversations with the Lincolnshire Sausage Association to support its application for protected geographical status.

Full story from Grimsby Telegraph

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