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Proof that Bennett’s have the best bangers

In close second place was Sharpe’s of Gosberton, who are three times previous winners, Tulipland of Donington took third position and fourth place went to George Adams of Spalding.

Sam Neal, one of the event organisers of Sausage Fest, said: “This is our sixth consecutive year, where delegates pit the finest traditional Lincolnshire sausages against one another in a blind taste test.

“This year’s sizzling line-up included no fewer than 15 different local sausages, plus one supermarket control sausage.

“This still represents just a small sample of the amazing range of Lincolnshire butchers available.

“Next year we’re planning for the biggest event yet and hope to get even more butchers involved.”

Bennett Butchers’ Sausage Fest win could not have come at a more appropriate time, as the butchers will be celebrating their 100th year at their Winsover Road site this year, having been in business for 115 years.

Andrew Parsons said: “It’s excellent news to have done so well at Sausage Fest.

“It’s extra special because it is a Spalding-based competition where we are nominated.

“Normally we enter competitions across the county and we do pretty well across the board but this is really special.

“The fact that it comes at a time where we are celebrating our 100th year at the site is really great as it’s another landmark for us.”

If you want to know the recipe for the award-winning Browning sausage recipe you will have a long wait, as it is top secret. Alan said: “The recipe is over 100 years old and it is secret – I’m the only person who knows what the recipe is and that won’t be changing any time soon.”

Full story from the Spalding Gazette

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