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Porky Lights sausages that help you slim spark nationwide SHORTAGE

The healthy Porky Lights bangers have caused a storm after Slimming World categorised them as having just 0.5 syn points.

Their diet plan lets followers consume up to 15 points worth of higher calories foods and treats a day – with a regular sausage counting for FIVE of them.

It means slimmers can consume up to 10 Porky Lights for the equivalent number of syn points as just one standard sausage.

Now supermarkets are selling out of the 78-calorie pork bangers quicker than they can buy them in, leaving bare shelves across the country.

Online forums reveal dieters are bulk buying stacks of the sausages by driving more than 30 miles to get them – and then proudly posting photos of their haul.

Dieters are claiming the sausages have lead to rows in shops as people horde them – leaving none for others.

The shortage has seen the Surrey-based makers Porky Whites inundated by “frustrated” shoppers begging for them to make more.

The big question for me is – how do they taste?  If you have tried Porky Lights, please comment below with your views.

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