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Parsons Nose

We are very excited about trying Parsons Nose sausages because their whole philosopy seems to fit in perfectly with that of

They are anti-intensive farming, anti-factory farming and anti-gm ingredients.  They don’t use additives, artificial flavours and bulking ingredients.  Perhaps more importantly all the meat for their sausages and pies is reared by them so they control every step of the production process.

But enough waffle from me – you want to know how they tasted:

Pork & Spicy garlic

I knew this was a special sausage the moment I cut it open to try.  There was a lovely blast of aromatic spice mixed with deep undertones of garlic.

This has to be one of my all time favourite sausages.  I love what Parsons Nose do (see my paragraph about philosopy above) and all that seems to be captured in the flavour and succulence of the pork balanced with the spices and garlic.

Original pork

This is a tasty sausage and very much the perfect part of any meal.  I always think you can tell an awful lot about sausage makers from their simplest sausage and this sausage leaves me with no doubt that the Parsons Nose sausage makers are excellent.

This traditional sausage has a great wholesome favour and is a great size which does not lose much in cooking.

Original pork with English country mustard

This is a great spin on the traditional original pork sausage (see above).  The mustard, so often lost in a sausage, is perfectly balanced by the flavour of the meatt and contains whole peppercorns.  Very tasty with an excellent texture.

Original pork with sundried tomato

This is a great spin on the traditional original pork sausage (see above).  It is very rare to find a tomato sausage with a good balance, so commonly the tomato flavour is lost in the mix of other great flavours.  This sausage, rich in colour, did not disappoint the tomato gave it an amost fresh, light sweet tang which complimented the flavour of the pork.

Pork & Wild garlic

If you are serious about your garlic you are going to love this sausage.  The wild garlic is gathered from the fields on the farm so I imagine subject to seasonal availability.

The wild garlic brings a rich wholesome flavour to the sausage.  It is stronger than normal garlic but not overpoweringly so.  The sausage is reasonable coarse which we thought gave it extra bite.  Perfect for all garlic lovers!

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