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The internet home of British sausages and beyond…

Welcome to Sausage fans

Welcome to the home of British sausages on the internet.  Here you will find cooking tips, recipe recommendations, a producer directory and all the sausage news you could possibly want!



All of the finest recipes to make sausages or recipes using sausages.  Please share your favourite recipes and photos.

The White Horse

Sausage News

All of the sausage news for the UK, the producers of the best sausages in the World from the finest meat, in one place


Sausage Producers

Over 500 different varieties of sausages in the UK and our directory has over 1500 recommended producers

Recommend sausages

This website works on recommendations.  If the directory doesn’t contain your local butcher in the current 1500+ entries let us know!

How this website works

You find a great sausage producer

Check out the sausages at your local sausage maker (or use our directory).  Are they awesome?  If so let us know their details and what you love about their sausages.

We check them out

We will go through our records and see what other sausage lovers have said about them and their sausages, assuming it’s all good…

We list them in our directory

This means sausage lovers everywhere have the chance to check out the great producers you have found and go and buy sausages for themselves.

“Via his website Stephen Plume has done something quite incredible, he has used local sausages to promote the high street and to encourage people to spend their money locally”

Jack Simpson – 2019

Get Involved

This website exists because enthusiastic food lovers share their knowledge and recommendations

Recommend a butcher

We love to hear about awesome sausage makers who we have not yet heard about. Get in touch to let us know.

Share a recipe

We love to hear about awesome recipes involving sausages, send us some pictures and instructions so we can share the love!

Become a sponsor

We are proudly independent! If you fancy throwing in little cash to help make the magic happen get in touch!


Buy local

When you buy local something amazing happens and the money stays in the local economy which means it can grow and do awesome things