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Bristol Sausage Shop Lamb, Mint and Apricot

A winning combination from the Bristol Sausage Shop Our unfortunate experiences with lamb sausages from a certain supermarket chain led to use expecting these sausages to be more fatty than […]

Bristol Sausage Shop Gloucester Old Spot

An excellent, classic sausage from the Bristol Sausage Shop For reviewing this and some other sausages I employed the help of my eight year old nephew who is becoming something […]

Sausage Making DVD

A sausage making DVD, a first as far as we can tell. Made by the folks at Sausagemaker UK. This is an excellent DVD and a “must buy” for all […]

Bristol Sausage Shop – Pork and Smoky Maple

A great combination from the Bristol Sausage Shop. It’s always nice to come across someone like Rob from the Bristol Sausage Shop who is constantly thinking and caring about the […]

Bristol Sausage Shop – The Lucifer

Another excellent sausage from the Bristol Sausage Shop In my wife’s words these are a generously filled, plump sausage with a good kick to them. She went on to describe […]

Cratfield Beef and Horseradish

We had not tried any of Cratfield Beef’s sausages but got the chance at the Stradbroke Business and Enterprise College Monthly Farmers market. A truly excellent example of a beef […]

Meat Inn chippolatas

Meat Inn chippolatas These chippolatas cooked up pretty well, they were a little bit slimey but the pan may have had too much oil in it. A tasty enough end […]

Mettricks Polish sausage

These gems came from Mettricks and were very tasty Its not often we get the chance to try something completely different but these Polish Sausages were certainly that. We are […]

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork Sausages

These beauties came from Highways of Rickinghall and I was delighted to see the varied sizes giving away their handmade pedegree. We bought these sausages at the Farmer’s Market at […]

Graig Farm Traditional Oxford Sausage

Described by Mrs Beeton as the “Oxford”, this is a type of sausage which can be traced back at least 60 years before her famous publication. A similar recipe of […]