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Soft drink adds fizz to sausages

An award-winning butcher has come up with two special Scottish sausages which are being tipped as the perfect hangover cure – Iron Brew bangers. The soft drink, Irn Bru, is […]

Rothbury Family Butchers part II

Pork, Stilton and Cranberries – another beautiful sausage with a perfect blend from Rothbury Family Butchers. I had saved one of these excellent sausages to slowly eat as I wrote […]

Marmite sausages tipped for top

Marmite and Bovril fans can choose between new sausages made with the two rival savoury flavours. Specialist sausage makers Broad Oak said the Marmite-infused variety was expected to sell better […]

Rothbury Family Butchers

Every once in a while a butcher comes up with something a bit special which takes sausage enjoyment one step further. Rothbury Family Butchers have done just that with their sausage starter pack.

Because of the early arrival of “The Sausage Prince” (Henry) the most excellent sausage starter pack has had to (frustratingly) sit in our freezer.

Tonight was the night!

The Beer Club of Britain

If like many of us you’ve been enjoying an alcohol free start to 2007 we’ve found the perfect February tipple As you hopefully know at we are all about […]

The Sausage Book

This excellent book by Paul Peacock takes you through sausage making step by step. Making your own sausages has never been easier. This humourous and well written book takes you […]

Powters Pork and Ale

A perfectly balanced East Anglian gem from Powters! It’s been a while since we had the opportunity to try something from Powters of Newmarket and this new East Anglian innovation […]

Bristol Sausage Shop Lamb and Rosmary

A winning combination from the Bristol Sausage Shop Unfortunately my wife is not a big fan of lamb generally so I was forced to try these on my own. I was […]

Bristol Sausage Shop Lamb, Mint and Apricot

A winning combination from the Bristol Sausage Shop Our unfortunate experiences with lamb sausages from a certain supermarket chain led to use expecting these sausages to be more fatty than […]

Bristol Sausage Shop Gloucester Old Spot

An excellent, classic sausage from the Bristol Sausage Shop For reviewing this and some other sausages I employed the help of my eight year old nephew who is becoming something […]