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Mettricks Polish sausage

These gems came from Mettricks and were very tasty Its not often we get the chance to try something completely different but these Polish Sausages were certainly that. We are […]

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork Sausages

These beauties came from Highways of Rickinghall and I was delighted to see the varied sizes giving away their handmade pedegree. We bought these sausages at the Farmer’s Market at […]

Graig Farm Traditional Oxford Sausage

Described by Mrs Beeton as the “Oxford”, this is a type of sausage which can be traced back at least 60 years before her famous publication. A similar recipe of […]

Somerfield cumberland rings (from the hot counter)

Most supermarkets have a hot counter these days many offering something that resembles a sausage I popped into Somerfield as I was passing to pick up some sort of green […]

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

For those wishing for a refreshing change from the normal alcoholic sausage accompaniments Bundaberg have something for everyone. Since trying some Bundaberg Brewed Drinks my wife said to me (of […]

Wild West Beef Jerky

How have I reached the age of 26 without having tried jerky… I think everyone should know about jerky which seems, until recently, to have been a secret kept by […]

Graig Farm Organic beef and garlic Sausages

A new flavour for us and absolutely fantastic We’ve been trying sausages for a few years now and have never come across Beef and Garlic flavour. Graig Farm Organics came […] home sausage making kit

Sausage making at home has suddenly become very simple… I am not much of a “domestic god” when it comes to cooking. Sure I can knock up a meal or […]

Shaken Oak Mustards

Once in a while someone comes along and creates something which is truly excellent and worth shouting about…Shaken Oak have created such a thing Forget any mustard you’ve tasted in […]

H. Clewlow Butchers Dabber Sizzler

This is one of the best examples as to why the sausage has survived the test of time H. Clewlow Butchers have been hand making sausages for over 74 years […]