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Prisoners riot over sausages

Prisoners rioted at a jail in New Mexico after being told they would be allowed only one sausage each at dinner. Inmates of the Lee County Prison started fires, broke […]

Sausage squares beat Olympic ban

A butcher banned from displaying his Olympic sausage ring sign has created a new sign for his shop. The original sign, dated 2012 and featuring the Olympic rings made from […]

MP signs giant pig

BEN Bradshaw MP has shown his support for a campaign by UK pig farmers to highlight how cheap, low welfare imports are deceiving consumers and damaging the UK pig industry. […]

Cop writes a ticket for giant sausage

A massive hot dog clogged Chicago’s main artery Thursday morning. In a rare occurrence of an encased-meat vehicle committing a traffic violation, Chicago police ticketed the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for […]

On the trail of garlic want to hear from butchers and sausage makers who make a sausage using either smoked or wild garlic As people fall back in love with the once humble British […]

Buccleuch Pork, Chilli and Honey

An absolutely first rate sausage which we were very impressed with and would highly recommend. Buccleuch Pork, Chilli and Honey These sausages arrived by TNT courier before midday and, unlike […]

Heal Farm Sausage with Cheese & Chilli

This is the best smoked sausage we have tasted. This is a special sausage perfect for the BBQ or chopped up in a salad. The chilli is offset perfectly by […]

The Smoking & Curing Book

Another classic from Paul Peacock and Farming Books and Videos We really enjoyed Paul Peacock’s book on Sausages and were delighted to see he had followed it up with this […]


Restaurateur Max Mason has a lot on his plate – after breaking his leg on a Greek island he is struggling to get fit to launch a new business in […]

Bangers a smash in United States

A Scottish sausage has proved a huge success in the United States after it sold out within five minutes of appearing on a shopping channel. More than 19,000 Galloway pork […]