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The Big Bang Oxford

The Big Bang exists as a conscious reaction against pseudo-gourmet frippery. Having said that, anyone who actually cares about good food should be delighted by this recent addition to Walton […]

Sausages in Andalucia, Southern Spain

The pigs of Andalucia also contribute to the making of sausages, with red chorizo and black morcilla being the best-known. The villages in the vicinity of Ronda and Antequera (Málaga) […]

Sausage site adds sizzle to surfing the net

The love of super, succulent sausages led to Stephen Plume setting up an award-winning website dedicated to the best in bangers, as reporter Kate Dennehy discovered. Have you got into […]

The Renaissance of the Sausage

An American perspective on the sausage phenomenon] We are not limited to beer brats, breakfast links, or frozen bulk sausage anymore. Walk into any sit-down Mexican restaurant; chances are they […]

Provender Delicatessen Wild Boar Sausages

I had been looking to try out Wild Boar sausages for a while when I was given the chance by Provender Delicatessen ( and I was suitably impressed. I had […]

History of Musks Newmarket Sausages

Musks opened their doors and welcomed us into history to see why their sausages are in a class of their own. The recipe for Musks sausages was created in Newmarket […]

Behind the scenes at Musks

It’s not often that one gets the chance to see sausages whose quality and excellent ingredients have ensured their popularity for over 100 years. Today I got the chance not […]