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Bangers & cash

Esther Walker meets the aristocrat, ex-con and star of reality TV and his well-bred pigs Ha ha ha!” shouts Lord Brocket, grinning ferociously, as he crouches down to pose with […]

‘British banger’ under threat as farmers struggle with costs

The future of the great British banger is being threatened by a shortage of home- produced pork. Supermarkets have been warned they will go short of British sausages, pork chops […]

How to make a pig’s ear of organics

A leading member of the Soil Association, which urges consumers to buy locally produced food, is transporting meat hundreds of miles across Europe to produce bacon and sausages. Helen Browning, […]

I’m backing British pigs

Award-winning sausage maker John Langford is throwing is weight behind the campaign to get a fair return for British pig producers. John, who runs the Welsh Sausage Company, has pledged […]

Do you have an award winning sausage

A South East Sausage competition is being launched across the region to give both amateurs and professionals a chance to show if they have what it takes to make an […]

Shoppers say yes to higher pork prices

British consumers have said yes to digging a bit deeper into their pockets to help secure the future of quality British pork supplies according to a survey published today. The […]

Prisoners riot over sausages

Prisoners rioted at a jail in New Mexico after being told they would be allowed only one sausage each at dinner. Inmates of the Lee County Prison started fires, broke […]

Sausage squares beat Olympic ban

A butcher banned from displaying his Olympic sausage ring sign has created a new sign for his shop. The original sign, dated 2012 and featuring the Olympic rings made from […]

MP signs giant pig

BEN Bradshaw MP has shown his support for a campaign by UK pig farmers to highlight how cheap, low welfare imports are deceiving consumers and damaging the UK pig industry. […]

Cop writes a ticket for giant sausage

A massive hot dog clogged Chicago’s main artery Thursday morning. In a rare occurrence of an encased-meat vehicle committing a traffic violation, Chicago police ticketed the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for […]