The perfect wines to go with the finest pizza, made with the best sausages! I get to try some great sausages – read what I’ve been trying lately! Find out why I cycled 100 miles to sample breakfast sausages Find your local sausage maker in our directory – over 1300 recommended sausage makers!

In search of wine

My adventures looking for the best sausages in the UK have taken me far and wide but once you have the perfect sausage what is the perfect wine to drink with it?

Heckstall & Smith sausages

I’m always on the look out for awesome sausage makers and keen to try new innovations and products so I jumped at the chance to try some sausages from Heckstall & Smith

Brick Pizza Norwich

I’m always on the look out for great places to eat and I wanted to draw your attention to Brick in Norwich who make exception pizzas and provide consistently high quality food with top ingredients and awesome staff!

Sausages and wine

I’m always on the look out for new drinks and accompaniments to enjoy with sausages.

Framlingham Sausage Festival 2016

The Framlingham Sausage Festival 2016 was another enormous success that attracted many thousands of extra visitors to the Suffolk town.

Could you be a sausage Egghead?

Can you tell your Cumberland from your Gloucester? Eggheads are looking for serious sausage enthusiasts!

From boyband to bangers

Jonathan Benjamin ‘JB’ Gill was today announced as the ambassador for British Sausage Week 2016, the annual sausage celebration which rewards those bangers with the X factor.

Norwich couple relishing the challenge of pop up Sausage Club

A butcher’s son is out to prove his bangers are a cut above the wurst with his own street food project.

10 reasons you need to visit Porkstock this year

Hopefully this summer you have had the chance to go to a food festival or two. I find food festivals have a great atmosphere and provide a chance to see friends […]


Are you zealous about your sausages? Do you love a Lincolnshire, or crave a Cumberland ? Well this might just be the perfect job for you. The organisers behind British Sausage Week, today announced a vacancy for a ‘Senior Sausage Selector’.