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Olympic sausages

I was fascinated to read about a Butcher in Weymouth, Dorset who has been told to remove the sign shown on the left which he says he put up to amuse his customers.

There has been a lot in the press lately about the merits of some of the olympic sponsors being allowed to be involved.  There was also a story about Heineken being the official beer despite the number of locally brewed options on offer.  It is a shame the games can’t be a celebration of all of the good food we make in the UK.

In Germany local shop owners had fun with creative support and artistic sausages for the Munich 2018 bid.

All this got me thinking about sausages (surprise surprise!) and whether there was an official sausage of the games!  Presumably if a butcher in Dorset can’t use the logo there could potentially, be a conflict of interest from another sausage maker.

A search online and on twitter reveals no official sausage.  A travesty!

Several butchers are producing an Olympig sausage!  Is your local butcher making one?  I would like to know what has gone into it and, most importantly, how it tastes!  Get in touch directly or leave a comment below.

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